Friday, February 24, 2012

My Mistakes Don't Need Corrections

When I first decided to start blogging many things went through my head. One was that I might be inviting folks into my life who don't know about my Bipolar and would judge me. Ironically this blog is to be used as a tool so I won't be judged! Also, I refused to edit, or should I say I'm going to limit editing. I'm not the best with grammar, and thank the lord for spell check. I just didn't want to reread over and over the words that I'm so honestly pouring out. Life is not edited, so neither should my blog. So far,  I haven't received any printed comments, but I've heard from a few folks that enjoyed my first post.

I think blogging is a lot like therapy or revealing something personal to a friend. At first your not so sure what to say, but over time you open up.  For now though, I need to make sure I don't drunk blog, if there is such a thing, since in my younger years drunk dialing never went over well! Sorry went off on a tangent.....

I think that's all for today........I have a husband and 4 kitties to go hug on, and if you haven't told the ones around you today "I love you", go do that now. :)



Anonymous said...

I enjoy your blog. I'm solidity from NAMI. I just started to read your blog today after you shared the address. I will mostly just be anonymous when I leave a reply though. I like your unfiltered idea of blogging too. It makes sense just to get it out there. Whatever it is you have to say. It's important.

Anonymous said...

I agree with anonymous. I'm selective on who I tell I am bipolar and enjoyed reading your blogs today via nami. Keep it up you are helping others. And good for you for "coming out" so to speak.

A Piece of My Mind said...

I too have learned the hard way regarding telling folks about my Bipolar, ADHD, etc. This is why I've been signing the blog with Bipolar Betty!! Only those folks I know from facebook, who I felt would appreciate the blog were told about it. There is no connection from my facebook page to this blog unless invited. This blog is about educating folks who don't get it!!! Please direct folks to this page and my facebook page.

RLeighTardif said...

Isn't it sad that one has to filter such things as what illness you have?

People can be so judgmental when they don't have a clue, when they don't understand things.

I think your blogging idea is great. It will no doubt help others who may feel alone. It might help them to see a particular issue they have is not so different from what others are experiencing.

It could also help family members. Some of them don't understand either. A viewpoint of someone outside the family could be helpful.

A Piece of My Mind said...

Thanks for your comment. Yes I agree you do have to filter who you reveal your illness to. My next blog I'm working on is TO TELL OR NOT TO TELL...would love personal stories and comments to include in the blog!