Tuesday, February 28, 2012

All Those With Any Mental Illness Will Relate To This Blog

I received a comment yesterday that I felt would be really great to blog about. So thank you. While I have been discussing Bipolar Disorder, this blog really pertains to any individual with any type of mental illness. Whether it is any type of mood disorder, Bipolar, Depression, Schizophrenia, Anxiety, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, or ADD/ADHD, etc., or in some cases additional health issues as well.  

All individuals with mental illnesses really go through the same issues. For example my discussion on, medication usage during pregnancy, the fear of pregnancy, pet therapy, and especially the blog "If It's Not Seen It's Not There". I really want to address this more in detail.

How many times have you heard folks say, "She or he is crazy"? Alternatively, that person needs some "Prozac." While usually I just laugh it off, it really does bother me. What if I said in response, "I am on Prozac," I think the person would look like a deer caught in the headlights! While those comments are not really meant to hurt or offend somebody, nevertheless they are bothersome!

Another issue I've come across, is the label and assumptions of being "bipolar"...For example, if I overreact to something or get upset, individuals under their breathe will say, it's just her "bipolar" causing these reactions. Once, in tears, I was discussing an upsetting legit situation with somebody, the person had the balls to tell me I was being "overly emotional," implying that the cause of this was do to my bipolar. This person also knew I was bipolar. If it had been any other person in that situation, without a mental illness, that comment most likely would not have been made, and being overly emotional would have been taken more seriously.

Here is another comment I have heard from folks regarding another person, who did not know I suffered from a mental illness. Apparently, the person the statement was made about had a strong reaction to something. The individual in response regarding that person states, "they're just off their medication."

One last thing I would like to talk about which to me is baffling. I have been judged before by...A PSYCHIATRIST!  It has been my experience that some of these doctors appear to not always act in the best interest of the patient. In addition, I cannot even tell you how many egotistical, arrogant, psychiatrists there are out there. Sometimes, I believe they think, "Let me just over medicate this patient so that they will shut up," and as a result they are so drugged they can't even speak and do shut up! I am not saying that ALL psychiatrists are bad; it has just been my experience that many are! If you do not like your doctor, after giving them at least 3 sessions, look into finding another. Stability is the most important thing for those with mental illnesses so do not sacrifice that.

While writing this blog, I discovered what I am going to write about in the next one. This is about humor. While this blog dealt with judgment and inconsideration, I think it is important to look at funny situations those with mental illnesses come across. Humor can help us cope, and provide amusement, as well as provide us with a sense of relaxation.

If anybody out there has a humorous situation regarding his or her mental illness, I would love to hear about it.



A Piece of My Mind said...

Please post humorous situations!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hello Betty,

A family member who was diagnosed with bipolar disorder came to visit me back in December. Just a couple days before their arrival my dog (yellow lab) started acted really off the wall. He would not stop sniffing, even at night. It was nuts! I've never seen anything like it. I took him to the vet and she said it was behavioral. At the relief of knowing this was not physical I then realized I had a bigger problem because determining the mental cause of my dog was going to darn near impossible. He can't talk, there was nothing new or unusual in my house or yard, and I could barely get him to stop to try therapy. Yes, I really did try getting him to talk out his problems, or at least listen to me talk them out for him. :) Well, when my family member arrived we were able to joke that my dog and him were like "peas and carrots" (Forrest Gump)... both did not require sleep and when fixated on something, stuck with it. It was nice to be able to laugh about it for my family member's sake and mine, as I was pretty worried my dog would sniff himself to death. (Yes, please laugh at that, I do.) I will say that a lot of love and my own form of therapy, my dog has finally gotten better. For my family member, love and an ear to listen has helped wonders.

Thank you for writing this blog. I look forward to future posts! :)

Melissa said...

When I was diagnosed (just before Christmas) with bipolar type 2, I was thrilled--practically doing the Snoopy dance--to have a diagnosis and TREATMENT options for a very stressful lifelong condition.

My mother, however, acted like the diagnosis ITSELF had caused me to suddenly CONTRACT bipolar disorder (I think she felt guilty for dropping me on my head as a baby or for eating or drinking something before I was born that had damaged my brain). She kept telling people about how I had just had a "very serious diagnosis," so we had better just have a very quiet Christmas, as we must now be very careful not to stress Melissa.

I found this wildly funny. Not sure why, actually. I did finally manage to persuade her that I have been Bipolar all my life, and I have always handled Christmas just fine.

I really do find this story profoundly funny. Really don't know why.

Melissa said...

Note: I was never dropped on my head as a baby and exhibit no signs of brain damage whatsoever.

A Piece of My Mind said...

Thanks for the stories, made me laugh!!! I think some folks feel like Bipolar is contagious!

dmariesweetpea said...

I don't trust psychologists. All experiences with them have been negative! And it's so frustrating when people know about your disorder and blame events on it, or brush off your feelings. We just need to stay strong. Being a part of a "mental disorder clan" is probably helpful! Wanna start one? lol :p


From The Hip said...

Hi i too am bipolar and wrote about similar feelings and situations. Its comforting and rewarding to read your words. I hope you Dont mind me leaving a link to my blog.


Keep up the blogging.


A Piece of My Mind said...

Not at all, I will check out your blog!! The more information we can get out to the public with and without a mental illness is important!