Sunday, June 2, 2013

A New Start In Life?

In a few days I will be arriving at John Hopkins Affective Mood Disorder Unit. For those readers not familiar with this hospital it is the leading medical and teaching hospital in the United States. I'm 39 now, and my bipolar symptoms started about age 23. Currently I'm on 8 psych meds. The way I describe it is now patchwork. When one new symptom would arise they psychiatrist would add a medication. After going through a few different psychiatrist, one left private practice, one (after seeing me for 10 years told me I was to complicated of a case), and now my current one my medication regimine has become a mess. Even if my doctor decreases my anti-depressant by a quarter I get depressed. And as many of you know bipolars shouldn't be on ANY anti-depressants!  

My doctor did his residency on the John Hopkins Mood Unit and thinks this will be a positive thing. He told me straight up I'm going to go through hell for 2 weeks until my brain resets itself! Wish me luck I will need it!

I've decided to post every few days on this blog what I'm feeling and how it's going in general! Hopefully I won't be psychotic, which very well could happen, and I post about elephants and rabbits flying above my head. Or a real any common theme for when I get really manic is thinking the police are out to get me, yes I know highly paranoid!

Please check in every few days and give me words of encouragement or advice. Thank you all for your reads. I'm almost up to 7000 hits, so I guess someone is reading my blog! That's for your support and keep reading. I should be there for approximately a month (ish). But the good thing is I can bring my iPad, laptop, and most importantly my cell phone!!


bla bla bla said...

Wish we all had a chance, I wish you well on your journey and hope it works out for you. Just wish someone or something would be in place to help me psychiatry and psychology over here is shall we say erm not good I see a different person every month as the docs move round hospitals I'm left starting at the beginning every time any way I'm rambling on now, good luck

cjschlottman said...

Hi. I'm a new follower and will be checking in. My 43 year old son is schizophrenic and bipolar type 1. Medicine has been such a spectacular failure, he is considering ECT.